Would You Rather!

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Would you rather...
a)live one life for 1000 years
b)live 10 lives for 100 years

I don't know what I would choose because if you lived for 1000 years you would last forever but if you kept making friends and meeting family you would have to watch them die but you would still live for a longer time than they ever will. However if you chose 10 lives for 100 years you would die over and over again. So i would have to chose (b).

Would you rather...
a)Use eye drops made from vinegar
b)Use toilet paper made from sand paper

Either way it will hurt, I don't mind eye drops but when there made from vinegar I don't really want any of it near my eyes. Then there's the toilet paper, I don't even know what to say to that. So I would have to choose (a)

Would you rather...
a)Have no elbows
b)Have no knees

Ummm... That's a strange question, I don't like walking but I don't like walking but you arms would be permanently straight if I didn't have elbows. I would choose (b).

Would you rather...
a)Have a dragon
b)Be a dragon

It would be awesome to be able to fly but then again having a baby dragon would be so cute. There isn't much to say on this because I would choose (a).

Would you rather...
a)Have a dog with a cat’s personality
 b) Have a cat with a dog’s personality?
Well, I love how dog's look so dumb and cute but I like how cat's will lay on you lap and snuggle up against you. So I would choose (b).

Would you rather...
a) Have to speak everything on your mind
b)Never be able to speak again

I have alot of things going on in my mind such as unicorns and words that don't make sense like snigglehorndo, so if i spoke my mind a lot of people would think I 100% insane, but I love talking. So i would choose (a).

Would you rather...
a)Be forgotten 
b)Be hatefully remembered

I don't want to be forgotten as I have had some pretty amazing ideas in my day, like a hamster tube that goes on the ceiling all around the room so you'll never loose the hamster and they get enough exercise. Anyway a bit off topic. I wouldn't really care if i was hatefully remembered because I would be dead. So I would choose (b).

Would you rather...
a)Have a missing finger 
b)Have an extra toe

I hate looking at feet, it think feet are weird so having an extra toe would creep me out, it should creep anyone out. But it would look so weird to have a missing finger. It would be weird either way, So I would choose (a)

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